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For Paloma

I like to imagine...

a world where time can be manipulated where the me now can walk into the hospital room of the me then, after Paloma was born where maybe I can just slip in past the nurses, maybe catch myself alone...where I can sit on the corner of my own bed, wrap my arms around my heartbroken self, the girl who was unconsolable, unable to breathe, and desperate for a do over.



After a traumatic birth diagnosis, Ally’s world is turned upside down. If only she knew the beauty of what’s to come.. If only she could go back … or did she?

Meet The Cast

We're a diverse group of filmmakers with various perspectives and backgrounds, though we all seek the same goal: representation. By having more accurate portrayals of individuals with disabilities and their families in movies and pop culture, the stigmas surrounding disability can start to dissolve.

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